Theatre and good fun

The country mouse and the city mouse - An outing to the theatre

It all began with an all singing, all dancing Spanish mouse called Amelia. She introduced us to her house in a tree and her friends Mr Duck and Mr Cockrel. She received a letter from her English cousin who was coming to visit from London.
This authentic English mouse called Abigail was uptight and didn't like to try new things, she didn't like the food, she complained the house was too small and she took offence at the Spaniards actions when they were only being friendly.
They sang songs, danced and made us all laugh.

The two  cousins both went to London and stay in her big house, but while she was away a cat and dog moved in and they chase the mice all round the house and all around the theatre. It was a bit scary and very exciting. Then the mice asked for some volunteers to help scare away the cat and dog. Lucas from Tagore and another pupil from another school dressed up as ghosts and the whole audience made noises to scare away the hungry cat and dog.
After that Abigail the English mouse relaxed and decided to try the Spanish food and found she loved it. The mice had both made a new best friend.
It was great fun.