Autumn and tulips!

The present  for our class that I mentioned some weeks ago,  it  has been opened.Due to the good weather conditions,  we have been planting tulip bulbs!
How to plant a tulip bulb

1- First make sure that the season is autumn and that is nor warm, not to cold either, just cold.

2- Next, decide where to plant the bulbs. They grow best in a sunny , dry place.

3- After that, you need to dig holes for the bulbs.

4- Now you can plant the bulbs ( purple and orange). Put them in pointy-side first.

 5- Then cover them with soil.

6- Finally, you need water the bulbs lightly. Don't give them too much water.

And from now on we need a lot of patience to see the results in spring when we will be on the unit "Plants and flowers"