Christmas is coming!

Books to help us

I choose this two stories focus on not given up and following our dreams despite obstacles we may face.


A nice book for those who like wildlife and reading.

Projects, dreams and reality.

Poco a poco nuestros proyectos se van haciendo realidad ¡Qué preciosos os están quedando los niños cantores para el Belén! A propósito, qué bien han cantado los villancicos los niños de nuestro colegio.La próxima semana participarán junto con otros colegios en un certamen de villancicos. Big deal!The black question mark needs and answer, your ideas are wellcome!!

Which one do you like?

Press on each draw and you will listen  wonderful Chrismas Carols!

Great works hang out here

Sometimes we write well,
sometimes we draw great,
sometimes we read super,
sometimes we speak terrific,


  always we admire and reward the personal effort.

Thank you Pelayo for your contribution !!!

Elections in Spain

You are too little to vote but you can read this book about   

Toys, creativity and design

We have received a letter and we are invited to participate in the creation of original toys for a fantastic catalogue. What a fun! Soon, we are going to have a workshop (taller)  about toys, security and leisure. To research on this topic we asked the children to bring toys.And, you will discover the teacher´s toys!

Busy, busy, busy week

The class has been on a roll of terrific days. Our projects are under way:
  • A good beginning makes a good story!
          In the box we have quite a lot of sentences...
  •  Christmas Card Contest 
On Wednesday we 'll decorate our cards, the shool gives us the card and if you want to  glue something   special  bring it from home.
    • Every year Paloma designs  a creative Nativity and nowadays  we are preparing our beautiful part.
    • Next week we shall choose our English Christmas Carol, suggestions are wellcome.
    Our exams or tests are coming and don't forget  to do the homework.
    Monday 21st English / Unit 3  Group 2nd B
    Wednesday 23rd English /Unit 3 Group 2nd A

    Another week, another book

    Romulus es un lobito distinto a los que hemos conocido en otras historias ¡Está triste! Apenas dice que es un lobo, los demás animales salen corriendo "It´s the bad, bad wolf!! Hemos aprendido que no hay que juzgar por las apariencias o por lo que otros dicen. En inglés Rakesh lo ha resumido con este dicho = saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover"

    My weekend

    Remember, remember that tomorrow we'll choose three of you to talk about your weekend.

    What did you do at the weekend? 

    To help you there are words on the walls like this ones:


      At the weekend ...    On Saturday...    On Sunday...    At night...    In the morning...    In the afternoon 


      First     then    next    later    after    in the end    finally    eventually              

    Bang on Time

    To practice the time this game can be fun. Take care with the speed and start "piano, piano".
    Low speed = the blue hand moves slowly and you have time to think!!

    Reading is fun!

    Bob siempre está trabajando y nunca tiene tiempo para estar con los demás. Un día se encuentra en peligro y todos los animales acuden en su ayuda. Así, Bob se da cuenta de lo importante que es compartir el tiempo con los demás.

    What a Wonderful Book we have read this week!!!

    Guy Fawkes or Bonfire Night

    "Remember, remember the 5th of November:
    The Gunpowder Treason and Plot!
    I see no reason
    Why the Gunpowder Treason
    Should ever be forgot!"

    MAKE YOUR OWN FIREWORKS - Click on the picture to play

    It's 'Guy Fawkes Night' in Great Britain! On 5th November 1605, Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London with a bomb! Luckily, he failed. To commemorate this important day in English history, we celebrate 'Guy Fawkes Night' (or 'Bonfire Night') on 5th November every year. We light fireworks, build bonfires and throw Guy Fawkes in the fire!

    Happy Guy Fawkes Night everyone!