Farewell to you all!

This is the end of your 1st Cycle in Primary!   

Enjoy the summer!!! 
 Be very happy!!!
remember that...

and a song ( sorry guys, I loved it! )

Good bye letter


Tomorrow is day off!  On Friday be ready for the last day of  school, there will be many surprises and our last birthday party. You guys love One Direction but let's try this one by Carly Rae. Just enjoy it!

Both classes have finished the last project on time.
Thank you for this big effort in this very busy week.


World Cup Timeline

Sometimes our passions connect to our tasks and the result is awesome. We are working on the timeline concept. Cesar's football research follows a timeline and we thank him for sharing  this contribution  "just on time".

On Friday we saw our selection and we felt  very sad. The Dutch shocked Spain by thrashing them 5-1. Holland striker Robin Van Persie scored a spectacular header, which could be goal of the tournament.
Today we have a new chance, this time our rival is Chile. We are not going to make predictions however,  our classes wish our selection GOOD LUCK! 


Last week but not least!

After a terrible football weekend we are ready for the last school week! We have learnt about the  Oral Presentation  Rubric; document to guide our work and to guide ongoing feedback. To know the quality of our work is very important, it helps for improvements.
We have made peer assessment ( classmates give their opinion ) using the rubric. Students'effort to follow the presentation was remarkable.Salamanca meets our expectations and the story about the frog was amazing.

Let's see our first rubric for Pablo's presentation.

In group B we have celebrated Lucía's birthday and we all agree her granny made a delicious cake. Most of us, we have finished our tablet's timeline.


Football to foster cultures

Enjoy your weekend!!!

We made a revision of the football kit for today's match. We could hardly remember why The Netherlands' kit is orange. The prediction in our class is 5-1 and according to Antonio it is not going to be a Casillas' mistake...we enjoyed the interview.

 Today, in Turkey, they start the so awaited holidays. To our ex students Ata and Sharp 

 Happy summer time!! 
Mutlu yaz tatilleri diliyoruz

Happy Birthday Sofía!

For one of our Princess in her day!

Happy Birthday Sofía!

Learning History by doing

As introduction of our project, we went through the period of time in the past before people could write, Prehistory. We all agree that by means of noises, gestures and paintings it is possible the communication.

Then, we focus our attention on the origines of writing. We have seen a real wood tablet and some clay tablets.
With a piece of clay and a wedge-shaped stylus we have written our name using cuneiform characters. 

Tablets' timeline

Today we started our last project to end up this academic year. A journey to History through a creative Timeline and some "on hands" activities.We will look for insights that will help us to understand the present.

From clay tablets to digital tablets!
We have enjoyed our fab party!


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