Happy New Year

Hi kids! How are you doing? I hope you are all great and happy.

Happy Holidays!!!

Special Bedroom

One special part of the house is our bedroom, the place where we study, dream, play...Today we have seen The painter's room, a beautiful jigsaw painting, and now we know who is Van Gogh and how was his room "no TV" 

How to decorate the tree

Santa Claus is coming???

Our part is done "The chimney with the socks is ready" Now we must believe in the magic of Christmas.

Christmas Cards

In the Christmas Cards Contest the winners this year, for the first graders, have been

 Irene and Alejandro


Apenas hace una semana estábamos con la locura de las tarjetas y os deseaba suerte en este proyecto navideño.Hoy ya tenemos las ganadoras de 1º A y B



Traffic safety

The traffic lesson was very interesting and now your kids are ready to give anyone a piece of advice, if necessary! 

Blue Christmas Works

Nuestro primer trimestre en Primaria está llegando a su fin. ¡Qué laborioso!Los trabajos están genial y esperamos que ayuden para que vuestras peticiones se hagan realidad.La situación es difícil "la famosa crisis"de la que se habla tanto.

Nuevos retos nos esperan en el próximo año 2013. Hasta entonces podemos descansar, soñar y vivir la magia de estas fiestas y el jueves "cantar en el festival de villancicos" 

A los ausentes y enfermitos " ¡ánimo que falta poco y es lo más divertido!" We miss you!!!


Books for Christmas

Phonetics ( U u )

Phonetics ( T t )

Phonetics (Q q)

Phonetics ( S s )

Phonetics ( R r )

Blue Solidarity Box!

Thank you very much for your BIG contribution to this solidarity program organized by APA Tagore. In our classes we know that:

 "Just a little can do a lot" 

 Gracias por vuestra colaboración en esta iniciativa solidaria.Una imagen vale más que mil palabras y esta representa parte de la contribución de nuestro ciclo.

Rain, rain, go away!

 May be we can save the break with this song.In anycase, we have plan B ready for this wet day! 

To finish up our chimney with everything on it. How cool!!!

Helping at home

  •  Start with the tablecloth 
  • Put the plate in the middle.
  • On the plate you put the soup bowl.
  • Put the glass above the left side of the plate.
  • Put the knife to the right of the plate.
  • Lay the napkin to the left of the plate.
  • Put the fork on the napkin.
  • Put the spoon to the right of the knife. 

Hands on

Families, they are ready to help you in English! No excuses.  Today, in class, we learned and practiced the correct way to set the table.


We read about different types of houses and we learn the names of the parts of a house.

Parts of the house

Big sister little sister

This book shows the copy-cat nature of the relationship between older and younger siblings and how strong the relationship between sisters is.Ocean read us this book this week.

Where is it?

Big question in our unit Where is it? This song will help you to learn these new words in, under, on and by

Where is the little red piece that is missing from our classroom door?

And just to relax Where's Gogo ? 

Blue Solidarity Box

Let us bring food and joy to those who need it most!

All little contributions count in this big Christmas Solidarity Program organized by APA Tagore

Share food in the Blue Solidarity Box !!!

12th, 13th and 14th December
12, 13 y 14 de Diciembre

Compartir y ayudar a los demás son valores que deben aprender nuestros alumnos, importantes en una sociedad democrática. Esta iniciativa intenta además que los problemas derivados de la situación de crisis en la que nos encontramos inmersos, sean más llevaderos en unas fechas mágicas.

Christmas Cards

Class materials 

Our creativity

Christmas Cards

Good luck kids!!! They look great!!!

Blue Splash!!!

Let's make the chimney!!!

Incredible but true! Some of the students said that even if we paint a chimney, Santa Claus won´t come to our class!  Christmas time is the most magical time of the year.  For this reason, this weekend for homework they have been given a stocking to decorate with their family.  Next week we will place them with our classroom chimney and we will see what happens!  I do believe in Santa Claus and his friends, like the Three Kings, the Befana, and Viejito Pascuero.

Christmas Carol

This is our Christmas Carol for the coming Festival.It's important to know the lirics and to practise.


Phonetics ( P p )

Phonetics ( O o )

Phonetics ( N n )

Phonetics (M m )

To the Garden

The visit to our garden has been very interesting  and we have been invited to collect some vegetables. The weather is getting very cold and soon everything will be frozen.

Blue Splash!

Esta semana hemos finalizado la primera parte del proyecto Blue Splash! que continuará tras el merecido descanso navideño. Nuevas aventuras artísticas nos esperan en el 2013.