Are you good at this?

I like this game where everyone is a winner. 

Animal Land

Animals and fun

The tiger who came to tea

Alphabet Chant

Animals have babies!

What are you wearing?

The way back home

The way back home

Domestic animals

Peace and Non Violence Day

Next week we´ll be celebrating "Peace and Non Violence Day" at school.This American writer Todd Parr reads his wonderful book.The important question is: 

What's Peace for you?

"Through learning language, we learn about culture. Through learning about culture, we learn respect for others. Through learning respect for others, we can hope for peace".


Hi kids! What a nice topic! Let's see if we can make a nice project as I have told you. It's up to you. 

Let's have lunch!

Family Poems

Reading books is the best way to improve our English!Remember that the OWL Library is full of books to read or to listen.


Do you know?

I don´t like it!

What do you like?

Cooking pizza

This is one of the most popular food in our class. 


Food Maze

In the supermarket

Let's learn the food with our dear friend Gogo in the supermarket. 

Phonetics ( Z z )

Phonetics ( Y y )

Phonetics ( X x )

Phonetics ( W w )

Phonetics ( V v )

Food and Garden

Today we are going to watch one of my favourite video. Sure you would enjoy it very much in this  cold and foggy Friday.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar book