Boys' costume for Carnival!

 Don't panic! Carnival is something to enjoy and everything can be approached on a simple way.

Al parecer el disfraz de los niños está creando algún problemilla. No nos compliquemos porque el tema no da para agobios. Cualquier camisa alegre nuestra  sobre un pantalón de los que tienen puede quedar estupendo.

Growth on values.

As a result of an incident involving the destruction of one of the displays, today, on the Peace Day, one class have been talking about how they could improve their behaviour in and out of the classroom. They came up with 6 guidelines for our behaviour , which we will try to follow. We will do the same with the rest of the classes on the first cycle.

Revision time!

Let's see if you can guess the different jobs on the following game.

Memory game.



We use different transport to get from our neighbourhood to other places. How can we get from our school to Plaza de Castilla? or to the  Bernabeu ? and to Barcelona?

Let's learn more about means of transport. 

Tulips at risk again!

This morning when we came into class, we were shocked to find that the soil had been knocked out of the plant pot. This was very surprising to us, as we had covered it carefully with a net and wire so that the birds couldn't destroy it.
This couldn't have been a bird, or any other animal so we are asking ourselves, who or what did this to our tulip project?
As for the rest of the plant pots, they are safe and growing well in our greenhouse corridor.

Carnival vibe!

Kids! Difficult it can seem at first sight, let me tell you something:

 "You are great and you can do it!!!"

Tomorrow, we will start preparing our show. These indian girls are going to be our teachers on this attempt.Let's enjoy multiculturality!

Peace Day !

This year our  English song to celebrate this day is "I see you on me "

Welcome pics!

I am glad with all  the photos you are sending me. Thank you very much! Our project is going to be awesome! The idea, for those who haven't contributed yet, is to take a shot on our neighbourhood. This one  is fantastic to highlight our  Sport Center "Vicente del Bosque" (Coach Spanish Selection).

Our neighbourhood has many places and street objects ( post box, telephone box, street lamps, bus stop, zebra crossing...) and these items  seems to be forgotten when taking a photo and they  are part of the vocabulary on  our unit at class!!!

The minutes of our meeting will be available tomorrow, on Parent's site (documents).

City versus country neighbourhood.

We try to develop our observation skills by having a close look at everything. We have compared our neighbourhood to the Indian scene (maqueta) we have at school.
In our city neighbourhood we can see: buildings, traffic lights, university, hopitals, chemist's, cinema, banks, hairdresser's, phone box, zebra crossing, street lamps ...
On the India scene we can see: houses, cows, hens, trees, beautiful rangolis at the front doors, river with a fisherman in his boat...
And people dress in a very different way.

Toys, clothes and Carnival!

Some weeks ago we were working on our favourite toy and here it is ready to participate on our new unit "clothes" and on our coming challenge "Carnival". We learn English by doing and having fun. 

Exams are coming!

On Monday we have a friendly exam and it will be sensible to review some of the  activities we have been doing. Now, that the ABC is finished , let watch this video with all the letters.

And the PENCIL CASE check out is highly recommended! El estuche para los días de exámenes, en los que trabajamos individualmente, o para cuando vamos a otras clases debe tener lo necesario y en buenas condiciones:
  • lápiz con punta afilada
  • goma
  • pinturas 

Tagore's Carnival 2015

The topic for our  2015 Carnival at Rabindranath Tagore School is "Madrid". The underground is the thread that runs throughout the entire carnival. Some of its stations will be representing the different attractions of our city. As per our first graders' station is going to be LAVAPIÉS. We represent the multiculturality  of Madrid and  "Unity in Diversity"is our leiv  motive. To be we  want to create expectation!!!

Parents' meeting

Thank you for attending the second term general meeting. We work hard to make sure important information is shared and the coming school projects are explained  for an easy colaboration. A summary of the meeting will be upload on the parent's site as soon as possible.
New tutorials to build stronger home-school connections, to better support learning of our students will be assigned and you will get the date and time.

Muchas gracias por la asistencia a la  segunda reunión de este curso. La evolución del curso, los objetivos pendientes y el proyecto de centro "Carnaval"han sido los ejes principales de este encuentro.Un resumen será incorporado en la sección de padres de este blog, tan pronto como sea posible.

Parque Norte, our neighbourhood

There are lots of places and things to do in our neighbourhood. We are working on this topic as part of our curriculum and as part of our Erasmus project Knowing me! with Paris, Rome, London and Tallin.

We are going to make a big map on a wall.Your contribution  will be very important. We need to complete the map with more information and pictures where you are in !

El tema del barrio en Ciencias Sociales se vincula este año con el proyecto Erasmus Knowing me! en el que participamos junto con Paris, Londres, Roma y Tallin. En los próximos días los niños de primero completarán el plano del barrio. Nos gustaría tener fotos de los distintos lugares en los que también estuvieran nuestros alumnos "María en la farmacia"...para hacerlo más personal y vivencial. Las fotos se pueden enviar mediante el correo de este blog.

Phonetics ( Z z )

And finally we have reached the end of the English ABC with letter Z. Remember , remember they don't have the cute letter Ñ!

Phonetics ( X x )

Just to end up the ABC two very easy sounds. Here it goes the usual video with the X.

Brushing up on our English exam!

Just a video to review the family vocabulary and a book for our neighbourhood topic.

My neighbourhood

Phonetics ( Y y )

Another video to get more practice although I know you don't have any trouble with this sound. The yo, yo yo for everything is a good exercise.

Phonetics ( W w )

We are almost at the end of the ABC and thanks to the phonics we are learning we start  enjoying  a wonderful "Phonics game" Next week, we will continue.If you want to win on the board,  you need to practice the different sounds. Good luck!

Cold and flu in class!

Some of our students and teachers are sick.We hope you get well soon. We miss you!!! As per the coming exam on Monday , don't worry I 'll fix a new date for you.

My neighbourhood

We are very busy learning about our neighbourhood. Today, both groups have been working excellent. Christmas break and the new weather conditions  are doing wonders.

School to School

Our partner in India is Ontimiddi School  is located in Kalyandurg. Today I have gathered up some works from Infant Cycle  and they are amazing! The deadline is at  the end of February,  we will send a huge box about us, our school, our routines...

Phonetics (V v )

In our language this letter sound similar to the b however, in English is different. Let's practice with this video.

Chasing family words!

Little by little we are at the end of our unit "Billy's teddy!" It  is being very easy for all of us. However,  we need to review the vocabulary and pay attention to the phonics.

Look at this girl! She is very positive and I like her but please, practice your English on a safe place.


The shortest week of our school calendar! We are busy with the house, parts of the I upload a tale "The three pigs" and for more activities you click house.
Juegos y más actividades en "house"en la barra lateral del blog tal y como os muestro en esta foto de la pantalla.

Parts of the house

Back to school again after such a long break has been great except for the low temperature in our classroom!. Let's review the parts of the house with this book "In my house"

Surprises everywhere

And finally the Three Kings coal? Sure a great cake to have breakfast!Hidden in this special cake " Roscón de Reyes" is a miniature figure of a king or a crown and whoever is lucky enough to find it, he/she is treated like a king for the rest of the day. However , you can be the one to pay the cake if you get the bean, the unlucky prize.
And for those who are no so good guys , there is a bag of sweet coal...

The Three Kings' Parade.

On the 4th of January a great moment takes place in Fuencarral -El Pardo The Three Kings' Parade.Tagore's Choir will perform in Centro Cultural La Vaguada to make this day memorable to all uf us.  On the 5th is the big parade of central Madrid. Don't miss out on anything!

4 de enero, 17.30h
Recorrido de la Cabalgata de Reyes Fuencarral El Pardo 2015.
Recorrido: C/ Afueras a Valverde - Glorieta de la Fuente de la Carra - C/ de Nuestra Sra. de Valverde- Avda. Llano Castellano - C/ San Modesto - C/ de Pedro Rico - Avda. Monforte de Lemos - Centro Cultural Vaguada (Avda Monforte de Lemos, nº 36).