Wonderful food!

Hello kids! Here you are some practice to review words related to food. First, a little story. Read and listen the story about Hana´s Special lunch.

Now, click on the picture to play a memory game about... FRUIT! 

When I grow up I want to be ....

Childhood dream jobs

Farmer, artist, footballer, our pupils decide. They draw themselves in the future, entertaining audiences, saving lives, nurturing minds. Teacher, fireman, bookshop owner, they say; that's what we'll be.

Rewiewing science...

Senses revision with different resources!! 

Do you remember...?

Now I can name some places in a school, objects and materials I use and subjects I have at school.


To sing or not to sing, that's a big difference

Do you like this song? 
Yes, I do.
No, I don't.


Clases, recreos, deberes...y exámenes son como desayuno, comida, merienda y cena rutinas en nuestra apasionante vida.

Ánimo campeones!!!

Dangers at home


A day in Peter's life

There is / There are


Be careful with the electricity!

A paradise in Madrid

Arte y creatividad han sido los hilos conductores de las múltiples  actividades que hemos realizado este año.Iniciamos el curso con la visita al Centro de Arte de Alcobendas y finalizamos en este parque maravilloso El Retiro.

Sueños en el Retiro

El viernes 18 de Mayo realizaremos la última salida de este curso académico.
 El marco de los Jardines del Buen Retiro proporciona a la actividad Sueños en el Retiro un escenario ideal para plantear, desde el juego y el descubrimiento, sensaciones y emociones que tienen que ver con la relación entre los seres humanos y la naturaleza
 Os recordamos que los niños  deben llevar ropa cómoda, incluyendo una gorra por si hace demasiado sol, un bocadillo y bebida  para media mañana (aproximadamente regresaremos a las 13:30 h).

Awesome Homework!

Congratulations to Sara and Jimena for your contribution. It's very rewarding to mark these great homework.

Vicent Van Gogh

Born: March 30, 1853

Zundert, The Netherlands
Died: July 29, 1890

Auvers-sur-Oise, France
Movement: Post-Impressionism

You play with me or ...

This is a nice story for those who always want to give orders during the breaks.

On Wednesday we can have a conversation on this book.

Enjoy it!

The farm

New week, new unit! I wish you enjoy this story that has relation with our topic ANIMALS and FARM.


In all this lesson we have studied how light works.Let's review, study and have fun with this  lesson.

Telling the time

Let's review  how to tell the time clicking on our clock

Then you can do these activities:

1. What time is it? Click here

2. Feed the mouse clicking on the right clock.
Click here

Little Mouse Deer

To revise prepositions with this game.

                 Good luck!


  We have read a tale about the colours and  have been learning the difference between warm and cold colors and how each type makes us feel. Warm and cold colors
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Sound is a form of energy. It is produced when objects vibrate. These are the characteristics of sound:
  • Sound travels in waves and in all directions.
  • Sound travels very fast, but not as fast as light!
  • Loud sounds travel further than quiet sounds, and sound is always louder nearer its source.

Shadows/ Light

When light hits an opaque object, a shadow forms on the opposite side of the object.
Light is a form of energy. Light sources are things that produce light.
These are the characteristics of light:
  •   Light can be natural, like the Sun, or man-made, like light bulbs or candles.
  •   We need it to see. If it's totally dark, we can't see anything.
  •   Light always travels in a straight line, it can't move around objects. It travels in all directions.



Moose Magic

With a little bit of "Moose Magic," going to the dentist can be fun!

When Lily Leopard, Simon Squirrel, and Benjamin Bunny have a loose tooth, they go to Dr. Moose. The dentist gets rid of the patients' loose teeth with such "Moose Magic" techniques as wiggling, pushing and pulling, and giving a patient a crunchy carrot to eat.

Benjamin Bunny won't have to worry about his loose tooth when carrot season arrives, and kids will get the idea that going to the dentist can be fun!

May is a Busy Month!

Many great things are happening in May! More information will follow about these events, but today I wanted to inform about the next exam "English Unit 12" on Friday 12th.
The Light
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One fine day

"One fine day a fox traveled through the great forest. When he reached the other side he was very thirsty." The jaunty red fox stole milk from an old farm woman, lost his tail under the annoyed woman's knife, and spent the day bargaining to get it back. This humorous retelling of a favorite Armenian folktale is a story small children will follow and "read along" with ease.


Daily Routines

This morning we have been rewiewing our daily routines. Next month, 8th June,  is our interview for the Tninity Exam and if we keep reading, listening to nice  songs...it will be very easy!!

You are brave, aren´t you? 
Let's be smart!

Forces and motion

 Today we have started a new unit and we already know that both pushes and pulls are examples of forces.We are going to:
  • explore forces which push, pull or make things move
  •  explore how pushes and pulls make things speed up or stop