The Story of Running Water

All the forest animals are thirsty. Fox knows where to find water, but he is keeping it secret. So, Humming-bird decides to follow him. . .
Can you imagine drinking " honey" when you are thirsty?A nice book for our present unit Water and Air.


The blue is our colour, at least, for this course.This is a good reason to name our Spelling Contest 


Class rules

ABC in the sea

Phonetics (Ch ch)

I love water

The pizza song

We love eating pizza and we love singing so let's put this together

Magic water

Do we water our mind?

Thinking on the great readers we have in our classrooms, I have uploaded more books in our virtual Library.This time is Hana and her stories.

Parts of the house


Just to review having fun!!! 

Use of Water

Water Experiment

What You Need:

  • Two glasses
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Spoon
  • Gogos
  •  Fill both cups with water about 3/4 full.
  •  Add the salt to ONE cup and stir with spoon.
  •  Take one of the Gogos and make a prediction whether it will float or sink in the tap water vs.  the salt water 

Why did the brown gogo float in salt water? 

to be continued ...