Tagore Quizz!

New surprises are ready after the long weekend apart from  the Tagore Quizz "raffle". We can complete the quizz at home with our family but don't forget to deposit the questionaire into the Tagore box.

Los cuestionarios están disponibles al lado de la urna de Tagore, situada en el primer piso. 

Lucy ran The London Marathon!

On Sunday, our assistant Lucy ran The London Marathon (42km) with her dad. It was a fantastic experience, as there were thousands of people watching and cheering the runners on.

Now, Lucy is very tired but also very proud of herself and her dad, especially as a week ago he was injured and had to walk with a walking stick!

What kind of sports do you do with your family? How do you feel after playing sport? Would you like to run a marathon one day?

Today, our 5th graders are participating in 'The School Olympics' athletic competition. We wish them all the best and hope that they enjoy their day!

Tagore Quizz

Para que en estas celebraciones no falte de nada, hemos organizado un cuestionario, muy facilito, con el que podremos participar en una rifa. Las papeletas, una vez cumplimentadas se depositarán en la urna y el día 7 de mayo, aniversario de Rabindranath Tagore, sabremos quien es el ganador.

Spanish breakfast in Boston!

Sometimes we get emails from students and assistants and they will make our day!Leo was a second grader last year and Chris our American Assistant. Currently  they both are in USA, in Boston, can't you imagine! This is the latest news from Boston sent by Chris.

"A few weeks ago, I was fortunate to have a classic Spanish breakfast with the family of one of CEIP Tagore's own: Leo . It was lovely to reconnect with Leo, hear how much his English has improved, and listen to him talk about his experiences in the United States, which I know that he will be anxious to share with you all when he returns to Tagore. Make sure that you ask him about this winter; Boston had record snowfall this year!

Talking with he and his family about Madrid made me miss the city, the country, and most of all, the students and teachers at Tagore who made my time there so enjoyable and rewarding. I've attached a picture of Leo and I that was taken at our breakfast.

I hope that you've all had a terrific school year. I send my regards to everyone at Tagore and look forward to visiting in the future, whenever I can make it back to Spain."
 Looking forward to hearing you Leo!

April Birthdays!!!

Many of our  students are celebrating their birthdays in this month. Let's wish all of them a Happy Birthday and memorable parties!

Holimadrid 2015

El domingo 26 de Abril a las 11:00 en la Plaza Santa María Soledad Torres Acosta-Plaza Luna ( metro Callao o Gran Vía) se presentará la cuarta edición de la Primavera Hindú o Fiesta de los Colores.

Para más información sobre los fantásticos  talleres infantiles, un click en la siguiente imagen! Para esta celebración se lleva ropa vieja y preferiblemente blanca para que la lluvia de colores resalte más.


Programa completo de esta celebración  aquí

School to School

Hace algunas semanas tuve la fortuna de recoger, de manos de Anna Ferrer, Presidenta de la Fundación Vicente Ferrer, los trabajos de nuestra  escuela asociada Ontimiddi.
Estos trabajos están expuestos en un mural que se encuentra en la primera planta del colegio.Los alumnos de los diferentes cursos han asistido a las presentaciones que, con motivo de estos trabajos, se han organizado con la colaboración  de la Fundación Vicente Ferrer. Agradecemos a Raquel Azcárate y a Suyaca su esfuerzo y entrega por hacernos llegar la realidad de otros niños y permitirnos comprender el día a día de nuestros amigos en India.

Los estudiantes de Andhra Pradesh iniciaron sus vacaciones ayer así que les deseamos ¡Felices Vacaciones! Iniciarán el próximo curso escolar el 15 de Junio.

World Book Day

April 23 is a special day . It´s World Book Day. It is a celebration created in 1995 by UNESCO . It´s a world tribute to books and authors who have contributed to encourage reading and to discover the pleasure of reading. 

This week different groups  have enjoyed Kali and the white elephant, being our turn this afternoon.For those who would like to remember the plot, here you will find a You Tube version. 

Punjabi Tale

....Rina, cada mañana , cogía su cántaro y se iba a por agua a los pies de la montaña donde se hallaba la fuente...

Los alumnos de tercero han asistido a la dramatización de un cuento de tradición oral Punjabí, con motivo de las actividades del Día del Libro. Una historia muy emotiva que juntos hemos disfrutado y que sin duda  ha capturado su atención !

World Book Day

During this week, as part of the Book Day activities, some storytellings are being performed.On Thursday, first graders will attend Kali and the white elephant.

El jueves día 23 de Abril, con motivo del Día del Libro, los alumnos de Primero asistirán a un cuentacuentos "Kali y el elefante blanco".Para los que quieran volver a ponerse el disfraz del carnaval, la ocasión es perfecta. Nuestro cuento está ambientado en la India.Nos cambiaremos después de comer. El disfraz lo traeremos en una bolsita de plástico. Es una propuesta  VOLUNTARIA, para dar colorido a nuestra actividad y rentabilizar el disfraz que en su día compramos o preparamos.

My new friend

My new friend is the tittle of our new English Unit and gives us  the opportunity to work on descriptions. These are some examples we have done in class, related to Rabindranath Tagore.


School to school

Some months ago we sent a box with  works to our twin school in India "Ontimiddi School". They have mailed interesting issues to us. Yesterday, second and fourth graders were attending a presentation that allowed us to witness firtshand our friends day to day.
Are we open to other's ideas, ready to listen their story, willing to place ourselves in their shoes?
If we look closely at their school, we find both similarities and differences with regard to our school.
"If our school were in India" Can you imagine your school day?

Como resultado del proyecto School to School se están llevando a cabo sesiones informativas para  acercar a nuestros alumnos la realidad y los trabajos de la escuela Ontimiddi, con la que nuestro colegio está vinculada.

Sharing school realities!

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Happy weekend

This is just to wish you a great weekend and to remind you that we will be back on Monday with new activities and some surprises to commemorate World Book Day. 

Water and air

We start a new unit Water and Air and we are ready for the Plants test on Monday 20 th April.


Esta unidad trata del agua y el aire (Water and air), así que aprenderemos a:

•    saber en qué sitios se encuentra el agua
•    reconocer que el agua es necesaria para la vida
•    identificar los usos del agua en nuestra vida diaria
•    reconocer que todos debemos hacer un uso responsable del agua
•    conocer las características del agua 
•    reconocer que el aire es necesario para la vida
•    comprender que el viento es una fuerza que mueve las cosas
•    observar y aprender los nombres de diferentes tipos de clima.


Rabindranath Tagore

A few weeks ago we were celebrating the school's anniversary and we still  keep doing activities related to this celebration. But, who was Rabindranath Tagore? Why our school has got his name?

He was a poet, novelist, dramatist, musician, short-story writer, teacher, painter, educationist, philosopher and humanist.

To be continued...

In the meantime we can watch the School Anniversary Video


Plants' workshop

Different foods come from different parts of plants. You might eat the flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves, stems, or roots. Animals eat plants too.

Just for revision let's watch this video!

Plants , seeds and storytelling

Once upon a time some magic  beans were threw out of the window. stop. clock. retry. The next morning, Jack looked out of the window. There was a giant beanstalk. He went outside and ...


Back to work

I hope you had a wonderful vacation and that the return to the routine has been smooth. Students are very enthusiastic and we all are ready for this last term.
We were pleasantly surprised to have Orange Tulips in our window boxes.