What a tantrum!

Roberto's VERY BAD DAY gets even WORSE when the Temper Tantrum Monster explodes & Roberto hurts the things he loves!Temper tantrums are common and often a normal part of kids growing up while learning to deal with their emotions.Our goal is to teach them socially appropriate ways to deal with his big feelings.The book we have read has delighted our first graders.

Happy weekend!

Our lovely city has beautiful places to enjoy and  learn.La Casa de Campo, El Retiro...with the trees, lake, playground areas and the view of the city are amazing. I think they are  very nice places to enjoy in a bright weekend as this one.
This beautiful song will help to review the colours.


A new story!

The squirrel Saltarina lived in a nest made of branches and pieces of cloth that her parents had collected here and there. When her parents left, they left her with her sister Brincapinos, who, being older, could take good care of her. But Saltarina was very unpleasant with her. A story about guilt and responsability.

Learning numbers!

Learning numbers in a variety of ways; songs, games, colouring... 

Timetable 2018-19

Timetable for the school year 2018-2019

Wemberly Worried

Poor little Wemberly worried about everything! Now this adorable little mouse has the biggest worry of all to overcome, the first day of school...

And now...

Welcome back to school!

Summer break gets to its end, and it´s time to go back to school. I hope this will be a great year for everybody. In this blog I will keep sharing activities, games and experiences that I hope you´ll enjoy.

 HAPPY 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR! 

 Esta semana terminan las vacaciones de verano y el viernes día 7  toca volver al cole.Espero que sea un gran año para todos.En este blog  seguiré compartiendo actividades, juegos y experiencias... de las que espero que disfrutéis.