Closed for holidays!!!

At last summer holidays!!!

Here comes summer, here comes the sun!
School is out! Oh, happy days!
Enjoy your summer holidays wherever you are, kids!
See you in September!

Kisses and Hugs!

Rosa goes to the city

Yesterday we attended grade four's theater play "Animaladas". We were impressed by the grade 4 student's performance! Today, in English class, we are talking about what happened in the play. To go along with this topic, we are watching a story called "Rosa goes to the city".Rosa is a baby elephant who wants freedom from her cage, just like the animals in Animaladas. We enjoyed making comparisons between the two stories: in both stories, the animals dream being free to move around in open space, and in both, the zookeepers let them out of the zoo, and their dreams of freedom come true!


Make a Blue Splash

Summer it’s coming. Long days. Lots of sun. Warm weather, getting hotter. Already thinking about how to keep cool?
 Make a Blue Splash: READ

What time is it?

Material makes the difference

Lovely owl's story!

Art and sand

Let's try this new idea for creating beautiful sand images.First, you click the picture and it will appear a grey screan.If you click the small square on the top left corner you will see the instructions and the symbols to erase, change colours and so on. Enjoy this "new" technology!
How do you like this material?

Let's review numbers!

Revision prepositions

Can you play football?

Gogo's revision

Word game

Phonetics (short u)

Julia and the big wave