St Isidro

One of the most celebrated holidays of Madrid is held on May 15, the Feast Day of San Isidro who is the city's patron saint. At school we celebrated on Friday with chocolate, wafers and typical "rosquillas".

Europe Day


The project Let's be e-citizens was born in Europe, in the realm of the eTwinning Annual Conference in Athens  in October 2016. Since that moment we have succeeded in generating , not only a digital citizens' awareness, but also we have contribute to develop a European awareness.

To stregthen this European consciousness, tomorrow we will celebrate Europe Day with a video conference with our partners.


Micro-story winner

First edition of the digital micro-story contest has a winner! Congratulations to our fifth graders that wrote La aventura pixelada.This story will be published in our school magazine and translated to all the different languages spoken in our school community.Let's be e-citizens supports, urges, spread from class to class the digital culture.
Book titled 'Día del LibroMicrorrelatos digitales'Read this free book made on StoryJumper