It's the weekend!! I hope you enjoy Gogo's!!! 

Phonetics ( A a )

This is the first post about phonetics, which I intend to do throughout the year. If we learn the sounds, it will help us to improve our pronunciation in English and later on when reading. 

The European Day of Languages

Linguistic diversity is a tool for achieving greater intercultural understanding
Today we have finished up with the presentations and one of them was in Italian, thanks to our italian student Sofia.English, Spanish and Italian !!! How lucky we are!!!

Our Phone Box

Our phone box door is part of the new decoration for this academic year that comes with many surprises. Presentations will finish this week, new volunteers are needed for tomorrow! 

Numbers again !!!

How many letters are in your name?
In my name "Ana" there are three


Do you like Gogo's? He is learning English and having fun. Let's watch another chapter. 


Our first week is over and this story can help you to remember what we have been doing! We continue with the presentations next week.

"Me" Bag

This is a fun way to get to know my students, and for them to get to know each other and me.
I gave them a small bag with a letter for the families to help them to prepare the activity. For "homework" each child must find three objects to place in the bag.
Today Noé and Silvia did a good job with their presentations.We shall continue in the following days.
Some students may be shy about speaking in front of a new class but little by little we'll cope with that.