Plants and Spring

From the animals to the plants with Puppy, by Jeff Koons. This amazing dog is made of flowers and it is located on the grounds of the Guggeheim Bilbao Museum in the North of Spain (Basque Country).  

 En la  Unidad 7, que trata de las plantas  "Plants", aprenderemos a :

•    saber que las plantas son seres vivos y a distinguir diferentes tipos de plantas
•    comprender la importantes que son la luz, el aire y el agua para ellas
•    distinguir las partes de una planta
•    entender las etapas básicas del ciclo de vida de las plantas
•    observar algunas plantas de la zona en que reside
•    saber cuáles son las partes comestibles de las plantas

World Water Day

Water changes everything. On this day we can think about water. Water is hope, happiness, nutrition...

What's water to you?

The butterfly, our totem!

In our class, we love butterflies! From Lucy's  presentation "Symetry" we had a very good understanding on this idea and, good fun drawing on the whiteboard.This animal is a good inspiration for addings more colour into our class. 

Have fun drawing butterflies!!!

Dental Health

Our workshop has been very interesting and was focus on promoting the benefits of good oral health to children. Good dental care is important to maintain healthy teeth, gums and tongue.

 And finally we watched a video!!!

Welcome Spring

The first day of Spring is in 2015 on March 20 (according to the astronomical definition). It is also called the spring quinox. Spring is one of the four temperate seasons, the transition period between winter and summer. Spring and "springtime" refer to the season, and broadly to ideas of rebirth, renewal and regrowth. 

Happy Father's Day

Today we celebrate Father's Day and also it's the day for our student José so. our best wishes for all of you.
While watching the video, can you write down the name of the different animals you can see?

How many did you get? 

Living and non-living things

I know how busy you must be on this Father's Day but just in case you wish to review some ideas for the coming exam I upload this for you.

And some games

And a song!!! 

Sparkling teeth

On Friday 20th we are going to attend a workshop on "Dental Health". For this activity we remind you to bring your "toothbrush", just this, no the paste.

El próximo viernes tendremos una clase sobre salud dental para la que vamos a necesitar que traigáis el cepillo de dientes.

Orange tulips reluctant to bloom

We all know that orange is the national color in The Netherlands ( after all, the King hails from the House of Orange ). There is a day, 27th April, when all you can see on the Dutch streets is the  orange color. Are our tulips waiting for that date to bloom? Our little gardeners are doing great so , what's going on with all our orange tulips?


School historic journey

Our school offers an interesting historic journey through the different corridors and halls. The works and the events displayed on the murals belong to 1975-2015 and are the most relevant or at least , those that struck our students most when working on this period.

Our contribution to the anniversary

As part of our school  anniversary we have prepared a sentence "I like my school because ... " and we have choosen an object as a present for the future. New generations will find these objects that, in this very moment, matter very much to us.

This is the recording we made when practising in our class. 

And these lovely T-shirts were the present we got to remember this anniversary! 

Magic Math performance!

What happens in the classroom is affected by the teachers' thoughts about how mathematics should be taught as well as how they teach Mathematics. Taking into account the amazing results indians get in this area, it will be interesting to be aware of their methodology.

Indian Math laboratory with materials and resources made by teachers and students from recycled and sustainable material. They can be arranged so that they can be used for a variety of ages and knowledge.

School anniversary

In 2015 we celebrate 40th Anniversary of the founding of our School in 1975. As our inspector has said  " This isn't a Golden Anniversary, neither a Silver one, but it is a great occassion to meet current and former staff, students and families"
It has been very interesting to see the many changes that have taken place in these years.

Selection of photos and news 1975-2015

Tagore's hymn

A new week starts, a very special one for we celebrate the 40th anniversary of our school.Students have composed this song that I upload for us to practise.


Currently, we are working on the animal's unit. This video teach us how important is attitude to avoid conflicts wherever ( home, playground, classroom...)

Monitoring tulip's progress

Plants colours our window boxes.We continue to closely monitor tulip's developments. In autumn we planted two different types of tulips: Passionale ( purple) and Prinses Irene (orange). To make the pots more beautiful we planted, in each pot,  one orange, one purple, one orange and one purple. 
Here we are with the present situation!!! Passionale tulips is all we can see!!!

Where is the orange one? Two purple together????