European Quality Label

We have our first European Quality Label.Many thanks to Brigida Clemente (Italy) and Theophanis Kapsomanis (Greece), our partners in Europe, to make this possible.A rewarding and exciting  experience for both teachers and pupils.

National Quality Label

The Quality Label is concrete recognition to teachers and schools of the high level of their eTwinning activities. For pupils, this offers a boost to their work efforts, and for the school in general, a public affirmation of their commitment to quality and openness in European collaborative work. The National Support Service (NSS) in each country evaluates applications  and grants the national Quality Label.
  Good job kids!!!

 Toys to foster culture, our project!

Toys are tools to play, learn and socialize. They are always present in our lives and are linked to special and memorable moments. Toys have quite a story to tell us.

This project aims to listen to these stories while taking an insight in art, music, literature and Christmas.

Your last present, my last post!

Enjoy your summer holidays wherever you are, kids!
See you in September!

My best wishes to my dear students Ronica,Tekin, Javier and Martina  that will enroll other schools here and  in other countries.

Good luck !
Don't be scared because you'll do it great.
Keep in touch and don't forget us.
I will miss you!!

Kisses and Hugs!


Speaking English

Wherever you go you will hear people talking about the weather.Well, weather is a very neutral topic of conversation. What about you? It can very easy, just remember a few words and some sentences. 

Tulips summary!

It all started in November when we decided to plant two types of tulips. For those who have followed our Tulips' Odissey this is the summary.

Almost holiday!

Hi kids! Still some posts before leaving to my "paradise". Let's see if you like this video with  some of our best moments together -:). We have done so many things that it is impossible to present all of them!

Una forma de terminar el curso es recordando los momentos más especiales, es por ello que he preparado este pequeño video...   


Traffic Safety

Today we have finished the third and last session of Traffic Safety. We have learnt many new things and we have reflected on others that till now we were doing not so well.

School Party!

Awesome party to celebrate the coming end of the academic year. Just another week and then ...
I have been here and there taking some pics and this is the final result.
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Fun with materials!

Today we have looked at the different objects we have in our class and we have looked for the reason why they are made of one or another material.

Materials and toys

This is our last unit and we are going to link it with one of our projects "toys". We are going to learn about different types of materials. Find out how we can recycle and reuse our old things and many other curiosities.

Esta unidad trata el tema de los materiales (Materials) y en ella aprenderemos a:

•    reconocer materiales comunes, como metal, plástico, madera, papel, vidrio o tela
•    explorar y reconocer por medio de los sentidos las semejanzas y diferencias entre unos  materiales y otros 
•    empezar a comprender que unos materiales son impermeables y otros no
•    saber qué objetos flotan y cuáles se hunden
•    clasificar varios objetos en grupos dependiendo de las características de sus materiales 
•    entender que algunos objetos están hechos de más de un material
•    reconocer los diversos materiales de los que están hechos los objetos y empezar a comprender por qué se usan materiales diferentes para las distintas partes de un objeto
•    identificar las cosas que se pueden reciclar y participar activamente en trabajos de clase relacionados con el reciclado

Book Fair 2015

Beautiful day to visit the Book Fair, to attend a workshop and to enjoy the Retiro Park. This year the main topic of the child  pavillion is "HEARTS" "CORAZONES" so we have had games related to it. Then a nice story "La niña que no sabía sonreir" followed by many more interesting things.  

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Welcome June!

 Today we start June, the last month of our academic year and we have the summer time-table.

Hoy se inicia el mes de junio y cambios en el horario habitual.

9h-11h Dos sesiones (primera y segunda del horario habitual).
11h-11:30h Recreo.
11:30h-12:15h Sesión de 45 minutos (tercera hora del horario habitual).
12:15h-13h Sesión de 45 minutos (cambia cada semana).

Del 1 al 5 de Junio eliminamos la cuarta sesión del horario habitual.
Del 8 al 12 de  Junio eliminamos la quinta sesión del horario habitual.
Del 15 al 19 de  Junio eliminamos la cuarta sesión del horario habitual.   


A landscape is the land you can see. There are many things like rivers, lakes, buildings, roads, bridges...

La unidad en la que estamos trabajando  trata de los paisajes (Landscapes) y en ella aprenderemos a:

• nombrar y describir elementos naturales en un paisaje
• reconocer algunas semejanzas y deferencias básicas entre los paisajes costeros y los de interior 
• entender que hay que tomar precauciones para estar seguro durante las vacaciones
• reconocer los elementos humanos y físicos que se ven en la naturaleza
• reconocer los elementos humanos y físicos que hay en nuestra localidad
• conocer sobre los animales que viven en la costa
• saber cómo estar seguro en la playa

 Un tema para experimentar aprovechando el largo fin de semana en la Comunidad de Madrid, especialmente para los que se acerquen a las costas!

Happy weekend!

Hope this wonderful summer weather helps you to enjoy the weekend.New challenges for the coming week, may be some surprises, no doubt one exam on Monday! Friday will be day off "St Isidro"

El lunes tenemos un test y os recuerdo  lo de siempre "camarón que se despista, se lo lleva la corriente"

Magic moments!

The event ended with an Indian classical  performed by Monica de la Fuente (Escuela  de la India),based on Tagore's  poems from Gitanjali. 
An exquisite performance not only to entertain but also to educate the audience about Indian classical dance. The mood of each verse was successfully conveyed though the dancer's movements. 
Mónica brought a breath of fresh air to minds so accustomed to modern tune. 

Click the image to watch the video.

Tagore Quizz

As promises are made to keep, on 7th May,  the Tagore quizz for Primary was drawn from the box by Mr José Paz. Who was the real winner had been a mystery because he or she forgot to write his or her  name on the paper. On a second attempt we found the winner; Julia, a third grade student.

 Who was the first winner? We don't know, no name on the questionnaire.

 Overall winner: Julia

Tagore Infant Quizz

Tagore quizz was adapted to five year students! Let's see some of the most remarcable moments of this activity.


Infantil 5 años se sumó al reto "Tagore Quizz". Susana y Chus adaptaron el cuestionario que sirvió para repasar la biografía de Tagore, el saludo en India, el bindi ...

El profesor Don José Paz, reconocido estudioso de la figura de Tagore,  fue  la mano inocente que sacó el quizz ganador. La alegría fue inmensa, individual y colectiva ya que los compañeros saltaron para abrazar a su compañero.



Magic moments !

Magic moments  is the name I will use for the posts related to the activities included on the programme for the anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore 7th May. 

Momentos mágicos es el nombre que utilizaré para las entradas que recojan, a modo de memoria audiovisual, algunas de las actividades llevadas a cabo con motivo de la onomástica de Rabindranath Tagore.

Este curso 2014-15 , desde la biblioteca escolar, se ha querido contribuir a la celebración del 40 aniversario de nuestro colegio desarrollando un proyecto multicultural centrado en la figura de Tagore y en su país natal India.
La semana del libro fue el momento para aunar esos dos elementos.En algunos cursos la propuesta que se ofreció consistió en  cuentacuentos, en otros en   presentaciones,charlas,recursos materiales y digitales  que derivaron en diversos trabajos de aula(composiciones,biografías,quizzes y manualidades.)

La ambientación (murales, puertas y fachadas imitando palacios y arquitectura india, paneles informativos, exposición monográfica de libros ...)  han contribuido en todos los casos a motivar y  estimular las mentes creativas de nuestros alumnos y a dar al proyecto una dimensión artística acorde con la temática.

"If my school were in India..." "Si mi colegio estuviera en la India..."




Tagore's Anniversary

Celebrating Rabindranath Tagore 's Birthday in a very special way. The Ambassador of India made an unforgettable experience for the students.The guest speaker Professor José Paz was also fantastic and left us with a newfound insight into the significance of Rabindranath Tagore and the impact he made in so many areas. "La Casa de la India" with their fascinating interactive workshops which the children absolutly loved!All in all, an incredibly enriching experience for the whole educational community.