Busy last day at school!

To start with a play "La Princesa Valiente" followed by Skype with our partners with whom we have been singing Rudolph. and finally the Magic Kings visit! 


Christmas cards winners!

In the Christmas Cards Contest the winners this year, for the first graders, have been

  Lucía  and Santiago



A term to remember!

Our Christmas festival has been a real success!We have enjoyed singing and dancing for all the students at school and for the families. 

Christmas is coming!

Everything looks awesome with all our decorations. We have been working very hard and tomorrow our last challenge "the festival".

on piZap.com

Let's make a house

Just to have some fun, here you have an activity to build a house.



We are sudying  types of houses in different places and the reason why they are different. 

We read about different types of houses and we learn the names of the parts of a house.

Rudolph at school!!!

Believe us or not, the thing is that Rudolph pop in our school today. We have enjoyed the visit and pupils and teachers, we both have been singing.We are glad to share with you this experience!!!

Christmas festival

In these days we are rehearsing our multicultural attraction, not only are we ready to sing in English and Spanish but also to dance the Christmas Carols in Greek and Croatian language.

Here we have the music! 



Merry Christmas partners !

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year when we celebrate the tradition of sending cards. This is a great way to show to our partners we care and we are thinking on them during this special time of the year.


Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear

This is one of our Christmas recycling activities based on a Xmas story.Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear is a story about a little mouse and a big bear who lives in a cold dark cave.The mouse always receives lots of presents at Christmas but the bear never gets any. One night the mouse dresses up as Santa Claus and takes a present to the bear. When he gets to the bear's cave he is surprised to see that the bear has a present for him.

“At Christmas time we should think of those less fortunate than ourselves.”

Our Christmas Carol 2016!

This year our Christmas carol is Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer "Rodolfo el reno"in several languages. To start with let's try Spanish and English, piano, piano.We are going to make our mask in class and for the rest we will let you know in the coming days.


Digital X-tree

Christmas is coming and we are ready to start our Christmas projects. We are learning how to create beautiful decoration to make festive our classrooms and school.

Science Week

Science is the process of observing, asking questions, and finding things out about the world around you. Who is a Scientist? A scientist is someone who observes and questions those things around them, makes predictions, and tests their predictions. Then, scientists would draw conclusions based on their results.We have been scientists in  "Mediateca Pablo Iglesias" where J and Vitamina work. The experience has been wonderful!


 Password: Tagore

Thank you Mónica 
We  have the oportunity to visit the library where we have  found some of our favourite books. All in all, a great and unforgetable day!!!

Let's be e-citizens


With this project we want to empower pupils’ digital competences with the special emphasis on the Internet safety, as communication and cooperation. Our goal is to look into availability of digital media pupils’ and their habits in the use of digital technology.

Food and games

Once we have learnt so many thing about our body we move to food and this games will help with the vocabulary.


A new unit is about to start. What's your favourite food? How often do you eat fruits and vegetables? Where does food come from?

Senses in Autumn

Our first outing to La Casa de Campo has been very rewarding.Every season has its own sights, sounds and smells.

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Phonics is fun!

In Spanish what we see is what we say.This is the reason we are so surprised with English.To have more opportunities to practice the sounds we are studying in each unit,  we will watch the videos in the blog.


In our lesson today we have been acting out different feelings. These resources will help to review.


Class Dojo

Behaviour management is actually a significant part of what we have to do everyday.Filling agendas after an incident or to state the missing homework, book, unpunctuality...is, more often than not, a waste of time and energy.

The transitions from one subject to other, from our class to gym, music, lab, library, play ground...are the more disruptive moments.With Class Dojo, you earn points for classroom participation, team work, hard work, being on task and more.
We have started with this application this week; both teachers, we  can handle the Dojo's  class from the Smartphone and tablet, wherever we are at school. This tool provides graphs to view at class level or individual student what makes easy the data tracking for the evaluation.
We hope it helps to improve our creative classroom.

A little film to introduce Class Dojo

September timetable / Horario Septiembre

Durante el mes de Septiembre la jornada escolar tiene la siguiente estructura:

9h-11h Dos sesiones (primera y segunda del horario habitual).
11h-11:30h Recreo.
11:30h-12:15h Sesión de 45 minutos (tercera hora del horario habitual).
12:15h-13h Sesión de 45 minutos (cambia cada semana).

Del 12 al 16 de  Septiembre eliminamos la cuarta sesión del horario habitual.
Del 19 al 23 de Septiembre eliminamos la quinta sesión del horario habitual.
Del 26 al 30 de Septiembre eliminamos la cuarta sesión del horario habitual.                                                       

Numbers 1 to 10

Numbers to review, to paint, to play with...and to sing.

This week flew by!

 Just two days at school  and we are again with extra free time!.Today we have celebrated our first birthday, we have welcomed a new student from Syria and we have been  drawing our favourite experience in these days. Some students prefer  the playground,  others the teachers, the classroom, the fact to be one floor up in the building, in Primary!Today in the playground it has been  amazing to see how kids played together; football is very popular as well as jumping  the skipping rope.

And our "Hello" song!!!