Welcome autumn!

Little by little nature is changing her dress. Have you noticed the new colours? Reddish, brown, yellow, orange...Autumn is the perfect season to go to the forest to walk and collect wild mushrooms and chestnuts. Let's enjoy autumn!

European Day of Languages

We are learning more languages and today we celebrate their especial day. The linguistic diversity is a tool for achieving greater intercultural understanding and a key element in the rich cultural heritage of our continent.Our lesson about colours and numbers  has found a perfect context for being  practised  through colourful flags.

We have also celebrated Adam's birthday !!!  

Urgent warning!

Se precisa con urgencia  el IBAN para la facturación mensual de los servicios del comedor.A quienes les falta esa información, se les ha entregado una nota en la agenda.Gracias en nombre de la secretaría.

Linking schools, expanding culture.

Our first challenge has arrived at our creative classroom. Our eTwinning  project Christmas card tradition/culture swap starts its ride and our school tie in with our partner in England. We all look forward to learning from each other, participating and sharing ideas.

Creative Classroom

A new week is about to start and new challenges are waiting for all of us in our creative classroom!

Exciting creative experience.

Flascards and realia offer inspiring assortments about various topics (colours, numbers, objects, animals...)and encourage brainstorming.Then we listen to the melody Johannes Brahms: Lullaby, Waltz in A flan major Op.39/15  in group A and Edvard Grieg: March of the Dwarfs Op 54/3 in group B. The melody  engage in creating a drawing and finally kids describe it in front of the whole class. With these early art works, we are going to open our Art Gallery!


School supplies

Looking around our newly decorated classroom and getting to know the school supplies through English. 

Hello song

Let's start our day with a nice song!

Back to school!

I am delighted to welcome you on 9th September.Summer break gets to its end, and it's time to go back to school. I hope will be great year for everybody.

Happy 2014-2015