Hello weekend!

The weather is wonderful, we start a new weekend and the exam on Monday is going to be very easy after all the hard work you have done.

Deadline achieved

We feel great after having met our School to School  deadline ! A box with some student's  works is on the way to meet our friends in India.

Healthy breakfast

After spending so long studying different types of food and drinks, as well as learning about healthy lifestyles, this morning we finished off the unit perfectly by taking part in a workshop about the importance of including a healthy breakfast in our diet.
The children listened carefully to the information given and asked lots of interesting questions. It was clear from their faces and the comments they made that they really enjoyed the activity. Many of them said that they wished they could have breakfast like this everyday!
We would like to thank the wonderful professionals from the "Centro de Salud Barrio el Pilar"  for sharing their extensive knowledge with us and for helping us to educate our children about healthy eating.


Leaving the greenhouse

From now on, the pots we had in the greenhouse decorate our  classroom's window joining  the fourth pot that has been suffering all type of risks this winter.
Will they bloom? It is a little early to make conclusions. Will we see how much of a difference it will make to be indoors or outdoors?

Breakfast around the world

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Let's take a look at the different foods children in other cultures eat each morning.

And now we read a book! 


Healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast every morning is essential for a successful day of learning and growing. Having energy we can perform our best at school (better concentration and productivity) and in sports.

And you, what do you have for breakfast?

El viernes 27 de febrero tendrá lugar la actividad "Desayuno saludable". Esta experiencia  complementa la unidad didáctica sobre alimentación en la que estamos trabajando. 
El objetivo de la actividad es inculcar en los alumnos hábitos saludables de alimentación y fomentar un buen desayuno. La  circular explicativa será entregada a los niños y publicada en este blog, apartado padres.


After having visited the library to borrow a new book, we have enjoyed a storytelling Manuela goes to the supermarket. Lucy was reading this book and we has to pay attention to show the correct flashcard. Great activity!!!

 Time to play !!!



Exams are back again

Hi kids! Happy as we are after the carnival, outings and other activities...I need to tell you that exams are back again. We have been working hard on clothes and food so be confident and everything will be great.
Don't forget to listen to the CD.



Tulips in progress

For those who follow our tulip's project just to say that "we can see the light at the end of the corridor". The weather is getting warmer, the days are longer...we are happy, everything is on the right track and, as you can see, a lovely purple tulip is flourishing!

Carnival memories

We are full of activities and just to keep a record of all of them is being difficult! However, here you can enjoy some of the best pictures I have collected.Since we are dealing with food, the beans decorating the presentation  can match  with our present unit . 

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The Big Quiz

The Big Quiz is the tittle of the play we are going to attend on Monday. You will have the chance to participate, so we wish you enjoy this activity and put into practice your English.

Mañana tenemos una de esas salidas donde no tendremos "morning snack". Desayunaremos bien y lo siguiente será la rica comida de las 12:30 h. Nos llenaremos con la emoción y el entusiasmo que pongamos en esta obra de teatro!

Love and chocolate

Today, St Valentine's Day,  we celebrate how much we love and care about each other, friends, classmates, teachers, family... and chocolate is a great thing  to make any day special.

Sunny Carnival !

Thank you to everyone for your support and for your help.It was a great time out!

Kids! pronto tendremos el montaje de las mejores "jugadas" del carnaval! Enhorabuena por vuestra actuación...y cuidado con  los disfraces ya que los vamos a utilizar pronto. Nuevas sorpresas se están preparando.

Carnival at risk!

Today we have rain and the temperature is cold...Let's see what happens tomorrow! In the mean time, let's sing the song!

Mañana llevaremos nuestros disfraces en una bolsa a clase. Saldremos en autocar al Museo Antropológico y a la vuelta comeremos y nos prepararemos. Estamos ilusionados y eso es importante para que la lluvia busque otro momento para caer...¡La magia también existe en carnaval!

Breaking down boundaries

Breaking down boundaries; all equal , all different is the name of the activity we are going to attend  at the Antropologycal Museum.



Durante un viaje imaginario por las salas del museo, el grupo escolar irá descubriendo los valores que se desprenden de los objetos escogidos de diferentes culturas: la igualdad en la sala de Antropología Física; la hospitalidad en África; el amor al otro en el área de Religiones Orientales; la cooperación en Filipinas; el mestizaje en América. Valores que los niños reconocerán y anotarán en el cuaderno de “tesoros” que guardarán como recuerdo del Museo.

Phonetics ( Ch ch )

We have started the diagraph "ch". A new step on our phonic's trend. Finding the sound on a poem has been a nice activity to get familiar with these two letters.

Love and art

How love can be painted? How can be expressed?

Friends are clever
friends are true,
Best friends forever
me and you!


Reading stories

We all have read great food stories.Let's see if you like this one about a hungry dragon.


Valentine's Day is coming!

This is is going to be a week full of celebrations and events.


Let's sing the song! 

Healthy Life


We have started in Natural Science unit 5  " Food ", and in English unit "Lunch time".

Hemos iniciado la unidad 5 de Ciencias Naturales "Food" y la unidad 9 "lunch time"  En los próximos días, los niños aprenderán a:

  • distinguir diferentes tipos de alimentos.
  • diferenciar entre las frutas y las verduras.
  • conocer los alimentos que son sanos.
  • clasificarlos según su origen vegetal o animal y, entre los últimos,    según procedan del cerdo, la vaca o la gallina.
  • identificar las principales comidas del día y relacionarlas con los alimentos que se suelen tomar en ellas.
  • promover hábitos saludables en las comidas.

Play Time!!! Click on the basket!

    Our Bollywood mix!

    Now that we know the  dance cool moves,   we just need to rehearse in order to coordinate movements with our classmates.

    Los pasos ya los tenemos pillados , más o menos, así que practicando no dudo que lo conseguiremos.

    Frozen day!

    Wow, it is very cold outside! Be sure to wear very warm clothes when you go outside ( gloves, hat, sweater, scarf, boots...). It is so cold that even the penguins have came to pay a visit and help us to revie some prepositions.