Zwarte Pieten!

Kids, today by chance I met Zwarte Pieten and I let him know how well you are working. Then we had an stroopwafel, similar to the ones I will bring to you instead of tulips. You must know that Santa Klaus, Sinterklaas, Olentzero, The Three Wise Men are friends and they share information. For that reason networking is really important nowadays.

Increíble pero cierto el encuentro con Zwarte Pieten, el personaje que acompaña a Sinterklaas, y toma nota de lo bueno y malo que hacen los niños. A los que se portan bien les pone regalos en los zapatos y a los que se portan mal... ya os lo contaré en otra ocasión. He informado positivamente y nos hemos sacado una foto en el puesto de los stroopwafels (unas galletas deliciosas).

Visiting VIP people

In the Netherlands, for most children the most important day during December is the 5th, when Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas) brings them their presents. The name Santa Claus comes from the name Sinterklaas. Children leave clogs or shoes out, by the fireplace and Sinterklaas songs.I have told him that you are fan of the Three Wise Men and for you the big day is 6th January

Según la tradición, Sinterklaas (en español San Nicolás) viene de España y llega a los Países Bajos en un barco de vapor, con un caballo blanco y un ayudante de raza negra: Zwarte Pieten, que lleva control de las cosas buenas y malas que han hecho los niños. El 5 de diciembre, los niños holandeses dejan sus zuecos o zapatos al lado de la chimenea y cantan canciones. Sinterklaas llegará por la noche con los regalos. 

Friday off!

Kids, hope you have a wonderful long weekend! My option for this three days is taking a trip to Delft ( The Netherlands). I hope to get a bike ride, if the weather allows me, go to the market to buy my favourite cheese, flowers and "dropjes" and enjoy the company of friends and family. To practise  Dutch is a must  , you are not the only one having exams!!!

On Monday you know you have English  exam, check the agenda! For most of you, it's going to be very easy.The reason of that is your daily work and attitude . For others is going to be hard because they haven't done some activities...Happyland exists! 

Numbers and Christmas!

There are different ways to learn the contents therefore when  students let me know how much they  enjoy a resource I share it  with the rest of the classes.Thank you Isidro for your contribution.

Protecting our tulips

Thinking about the risks of birds sabotage during the coming long weekend, we have been looking for different solutions.
The need for deterrent measures is clear and here is our first proposal. Hope it works!

Our tulips at risk!

We would never have imagined that after the weekend we would find all our window boxes dug. The bulbs were outside...Who did that? We are thinking on those black birds, who knows!
In those days , you could not make this up!
Besides, we found out that the bulbs were not sleeping at all , they believe is spring because the warm weather.
The odds had appeared to be stacked heavily againts our Tulip's project.

Illustrating stories.


This is  the final result of our autumn project based on the chestnut-seller story; two little books illustrated after having done a reading comprehension of the text. Both groups A and B  have enjoyed this activity that is being complemented with a drama performance on English.

Our Christmas Carol 2014!

This year we are preparing a nice surprise for the families. We are little but big enough to make something very nice and very creative.The only things the families  have to prepare for the day of the festival are black trousers or leggins and black jersey. On top of the black clothing we will wear our surprise hand made!!!  
In the mean time you need to get familiar with this Christmas Carol.

Maths and fun!

Divermates is an idea, a way to present Mathematics in a fun  way.  Our workshop focused on sets  and this new approach to maths, this type of experiences  can mean a lot for those kids that have participated and also for the teacher!. At the end big surprise with Pocoyo.


Divermates es una idea, la idea de que se pueden contar conceptos profundos de la matemática con una envoltura sencilla, cotidiana, y fácil de entender para cualquier edad o nivel cultural, haciendo de las matemáticas algo lúdico, entretenido y sobre todo DIVERTIDO.Al final Pocoyó hizo las delicias de todos los asistentes que a ritmo disco pusieron final al taller. ¡Nos gustan las Mates preparadas de forma creativa y divertida!

Autumn and tulips!

The present  for our class that I mentioned some weeks ago,  it  has been opened.Due to the good weather conditions,  we have been planting tulip bulbs!
How to plant a tulip bulb

1- First make sure that the season is autumn and that is nor warm, not to cold either, just cold.

2- Next, decide where to plant the bulbs. They grow best in a sunny , dry place.

3- After that, you need to dig holes for the bulbs.

4- Now you can plant the bulbs ( purple and orange). Put them in pointy-side first.

 5- Then cover them with soil.

6- Finally, you need water the bulbs lightly. Don't give them too much water.

And from now on we need a lot of patience to see the results in spring when we will be on the unit "Plants and flowers"

The Chestnut-Seller

Second graders'  performance on the Chestnut-Seller tale is improving very much , however due to the many days off we would need to practice a little bit at home. To help you with the entonation and pronunciation here you  have this recording. Hope it helps !

Chess Tournament at school

We want to congratulate our student Irune, 1st grader, for her performance in the last tournament at  Rabindranath Tagore School.In our class is a very popular game and two tables are always ready for playing after our activities.

Kids, you must know that The World Chess Championship Match is taking place these days between World Champion Magnus Carlsen (Norway) and Challenger Vishy Anand (India).

Monday with patience

Patience is one of the best strategic ally for working at school.Little ones are impatient by nature.One thing is clear, the better we feel about ourselves the more able we are to hold ourselves together with authentic patience when the situation requires.
Can we buy patience? In a way yes, in a very little village Almazán (Soria-Spain) there is a typical product named "paciencias" "patiences" .Since 1820 Almarza has been elaborating these little delicatessen and today,  we have had some. Hope it works in all of us!

A short video about patience...

Phonetics ( L l )

I guess these beautiful letters and the videos, together with our games will help making  this area  of our English lesson more enjoyable.

Phonetics (K k )

Little by little we are mastering the sounds of English. This one is very easy for us!

Maths for love

A friendly classroom must promote peace and love too.We are working on the good behaviour and from time to time I am surprised at  the findings, at the way friendship among our students  is unfolded ( this time is a mini book).

Let's review the numbers with our favourite song.

Finally Friday!

It has been a wonderful week full of new activities. As you know on Monday you have an exam about all these things we have been working on.You will find some worksheets to review the contents on the Parent's site (documents). 
New birthdays are coming and for all of you that wish  to make the invitations, I am going to upload the two student's  lists.

Since we are delighted with our Toy's presentations and you know that  Christmas is coming, let's enjoy  this video about toys and love. 

Fringe Science Lab

First graders went on a trip to Cultural Center Pablo Iglesias, to learn about science. First, we went into a science lab, which was full of exciting potions, books and experiments. Then, the scientists introduced themselves to us and explained to us how we had to behave and the steps of the scientific method.

Afterwards, we did some experiments and learnt that air is everywhere. For example, we used air in a bottle to inflate a glove when we put it in water. We had to decide what was stronger, wind or sea.

We found out that the beautiful colours of the rainbow, all together make the white!

 We enjoy the tornados in a bottle.

We revised the five senses and we were told how important is "sense of humor" when doing experiments!!!. At this point Lucy and me we had to colaborate in one of the experiments and it was very amusing. Dancing Staying Alive by Bee Gees !

And as a result of the last experiment we have some information to look for " Zenato"

Before going to the library, we had our morning snack. In the awesome library we read lots of interesting books.

It was a really fun day!

Field trip!!!

We are  ready to enjoy our first field trip. The prospect are good and I just want to remind you our conversation in class.

" Good demeanor and good manners open doors" and as a student's  grandfather told me this afternoon "Buenas formas y modales abren puertas principales"

Phonics in a bag!

 A new unit , a new set of letters ( I, J, K, L ) a new way to learn the sounds creating expectation with a bag full of realia (iguana, ink, kiwi, jam, koala, keys, lipstick, lace, insects, kangaru...)