Fringe Science Lab

First graders went on a trip to Cultural Center Pablo Iglesias, to learn about science. First, we went into a science lab, which was full of exciting potions, books and experiments. Then, the scientists introduced themselves to us and explained to us how we had to behave and the steps of the scientific method.

Afterwards, we did some experiments and learnt that air is everywhere. For example, we used air in a bottle to inflate a glove when we put it in water. We had to decide what was stronger, wind or sea.

We found out that the beautiful colours of the rainbow, all together make the white!

 We enjoy the tornados in a bottle.

We revised the five senses and we were told how important is "sense of humor" when doing experiments!!!. At this point Lucy and me we had to colaborate in one of the experiments and it was very amusing. Dancing Staying Alive by Bee Gees !

And as a result of the last experiment we have some information to look for " Zenato"

Before going to the library, we had our morning snack. In the awesome library we read lots of interesting books.

It was a really fun day!