Living and non living things



There are three kinds of LIVING THINGS: People (children, adults...) , Animals (birds, insects...) and Plants (trees, grass, flowers...). 

There are two kinds of NON-LIVING THINGS: Natural (rocks, land, water...) and Man-made (toys, cars, clothes...).

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What are we wearing in Carnival?

This year Heidi will be our source of inspiration for the coming Carnival. We can watch some chapters of  the serie in Spanish/English.Click on the picture below.

What are you wearing today?


We know the names of different clothes and now it's time to put everything on real situation. 

What are you wearing today?


In our present lesson children practise clothes vocabulary. You can read the story and play these games.


Days of the week.

The Christmas holidays are a time when we can recharge our batteries and wecan also  forget many things like the days of the week. This morning we could hardly write down the date! 

Are you ready to play?


 This is the question to answer everyday during our daily routine and the topic to start with this second term on Social Science.

Weather game!

Welcome back, 2nd term begins!

Welcome back to the Second Term. It promises to be a fulfilling term full of surprises. Our students will be excited to learn with their classmates in school after such a long break.

Let's be e-citizens

With this project we want to empower pupils’ digital competences with the special emphasis on the Internet safety, as communication and cooperation.

 Play and learn!

Athens, birthplace of our project

Athens was more than a meeting point to share our experiences and achievements, to learn and improve. It was the birthplace of our Let's be e-citizens.These are two of our partners and the Television program summarises the event.