Busy last day at school!

To start with a play "La Princesa Valiente" followed by Skype with our partners with whom we have been singing Rudolph. and finally the Magic Kings visit! 


Christmas cards winners!

In the Christmas Cards Contest the winners this year, for the first graders, have been

  Lucía  and Santiago



A term to remember!

Our Christmas festival has been a real success!We have enjoyed singing and dancing for all the students at school and for the families. 

Christmas is coming!

Everything looks awesome with all our decorations. We have been working very hard and tomorrow our last challenge "the festival".

on piZap.com

Let's make a house

Just to have some fun, here you have an activity to build a house.



We are sudying  types of houses in different places and the reason why they are different. 

We read about different types of houses and we learn the names of the parts of a house.

Rudolph at school!!!

Believe us or not, the thing is that Rudolph pop in our school today. We have enjoyed the visit and pupils and teachers, we both have been singing.We are glad to share with you this experience!!!

Christmas festival

In these days we are rehearsing our multicultural attraction, not only are we ready to sing in English and Spanish but also to dance the Christmas Carols in Greek and Croatian language.

Here we have the music! 



Merry Christmas partners !

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year when we celebrate the tradition of sending cards. This is a great way to show to our partners we care and we are thinking on them during this special time of the year.


Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear

This is one of our Christmas recycling activities based on a Xmas story.Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear is a story about a little mouse and a big bear who lives in a cold dark cave.The mouse always receives lots of presents at Christmas but the bear never gets any. One night the mouse dresses up as Santa Claus and takes a present to the bear. When he gets to the bear's cave he is surprised to see that the bear has a present for him.

“At Christmas time we should think of those less fortunate than ourselves.”