Last post this year!

Hi kids! Are you ready to eat the 12 grapes in time? 
I have my list with 12 wishes !

See you in 2015

Drawing our school

One of the topics both groups have study during the first term has been The School.Besides,and in small groups, 1st B has been talking about the topic, drawing the different scenarios they have visited.The result is this little book. 

Congratulations for your nice work!!!

Smiling in 2014

The year is coming to an end. It's time to tidy up a little, to upload our best pics on the photo gallery, to make a review progress and achievements.

El año 2014 está llegando a su fin y es momento de recordar los gratos momentos y  que suelen ir acompañados de sonrisas.

Smiles as on the pictures and Help as in the song is all we need to welcome  2015

Smiling in 2014 by Slidely Slideshow

Toys for all

This year, from the School Library we are promoting different activities and projects. One of them is "Toys to foster cultures", an eTwinning project carried out with the fourth graders. This is the summary of our last workshop.

Este curso, desde la Biblioteca se están llevando a cabo diversas iniciativas y proyectos. Uno de ellos es un acuerdo eTwinning  "Juguetes para promover cultura". Los socios con los que colaboramos se encuentran en Italia y Grecia. Recientemente hemos organizado  un taller sobre "Juguetes para todos" y esta presentación sirve de resumen de la actividad. 

Enjoy Christmas holiday

Legend has it that in 1670, the choirmaster at the Cologne Cathedral in Germany handed out sugar sticks among his young singers to keep them quiet during the long Living Creche ceremony. In honor of the occasion, he had the candies bent into shepherds' crooks.
For us to taste  these little sweets  has been the last surprise of the magic day.

Just a click on the candy cane and you will have Christmas  activities; games, songs, stories...

The magical visit

We all know that the Wise Men arrive "officially" on 5th January.However, one of them, Melchoir came to our classroom with some beautiful presents ( a magnetic house and a bingo ).Have you been good at school? at home? .You know how well or badly have done and those who have written  "not finished" on their workbook...they have time to catch up with the rest. 

QR codes in Art Gallery

This is our first experience meeting art and technology.People visiting our exhibition can use their phone to scan  the QR codes and listen to our little artists. They tell us who they are and what's their favourite toy, the same they have painted.


Christmas Festival 2014.

Our Christmas Festival is over! Many pictures and videos will serve to remember this exciting day. I would like to thank all the families who came to support the children. Also to congratulate Arancha, the music teacher for her hard work on this annual celebration.

Breaking news!

We want to congratulate all our students for their wonderful works. Our first graders made very creative ones. However, only one per class can be the winner of the school Christmas Card  Contest.
Ana and Rónica


Carol Singing Festival

Nuestras clases de Primero han realizado una apuesta por el minimalismo consumista y el maximalismo creativo. Sobre una camiseta y un pantalón oscuros ( negro, azul marino, marrón...) nos colocaremos nuestro elegante atuendo navideño que hemos realizado en clase.
Sabemos de los problemas que acontecen en nuestro entorno y por ello no queremos contribuir a gastos innecesarios. 
Los protagonistas son los niños con sus creaciones, voces y su entusiasmo navideño.

Mañana jueves 18 de Diciembre es el día del evento 

¡Os esperamos!

School exhibition

All Christmas cards are displayed on the theatre and a visit to the school exhibition has been our first morning activity. Our students have designed their own Christmas Cards  wishing, in English or Spanish, all the best.

Our favourite toy !

Our favourite toy is the tittle for the project we have been running this term.It is not just a work on English it has been much more;  a great experience that has allowed us to understand what means to work in a team, to collaborate ... 

El paso de la Etapa de Infantil a la de Primaria, junto con el amplio horario en inglés del programa Bilingüe crean, en un momento inicial, una barrera emocional y también lingüística que dificulta la participación, la motivación y el aprendizaje. Este proyecto trata de derribar esta barrera y fomentar la confianza de los niños y su interés en la lengua inglesa.

Our project to read

Our project to listen.

Green solidarity box

Thank you very much for your BIG contribution to this solidarity program organized by APA Tagore. In our classes we know that:

 "Just a little can do a lot" 
 Gracias por vuestra colaboración en esta iniciativa solidaria.Una imagen vale más que mil palabras y esta representa parte de la contribución de nuestro ciclo.

Online cards.

Kids, as you can see both classes had problems with the online application. However, our Greek friends look for a wonderful  alternative. Well done! We were trying once and once again on the agreed link without any result and we kept cutting balls for our costume.

The blog of our friends is on the right Mrs Anthi's blog, you can see what they do !

Christmas fashion collection

Wonderful day! Kids, we have learnt  that with imagination, energy and enthusiasm we can make attractive costumes for our festival.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

Green Solidarity Box!

Let us bring food and joy to those who need it most!

All little contributions count in this big Christmas Solidarity Program organized by APA Tagore

Share food in the Green Solidarity Box !!!

10th, 11th and 12th December
10, 11 y 12 de Diciembre

Compartir y ayudar a los demás son valores que deben aprender nuestros alumnos, importantes en una sociedad democrática. Esta iniciativa intenta además que los problemas derivados de la situación de crisis en la que nos encontramos inmersos, sean más llevaderos en unas fechas mágicas.

Where is the ball?

We have just started a new and real unit " Where 's the ball? " First graders , both of them, have no idea of where is the football. Lack of interest! Who was the responsible for bringing back the ball in each class? How are we going to find a solution? Are the football on the garden next to our playground? ...While we solve our little problems we can watch this video.

After-school chess class.

On Friday I attended the after-school chess class.  Our first graders are very fond of  this game and I wanted to see them on spot. The teacher introduces the different tactics with stories, playing theatre with the different pieces ( king, tower..). Whatever has been taught on a lesson is rewarded, with individual points and team points, if it is applied straightaway. Student's absolutely loved it!.
In the class there were kids of different grades. This activity helps build individual friendships and also Tagore's spirit when our students compete together.

New toys!

The most popular toys in our classroom are the  contructions. For that reason, I think we should ask Santa for this one. This is what I have read in the  official page of Goldie Blox.
In a world where men largely outnumber women in science, technology, engineering and math, girls lose interest in these subjects as early as age 8. Construction toys develop an early interest in these subjects, but for over a hundred years, they've been considered "boys' toys.” GoldieBlox is determined to change the equation. We aim to disrupt the pink aisle and inspire the future generation of female engineers.

Toys project!

Our toys project is almost ready, we will record the last version next week. You are doing great, just relax and for those who want to polish their part I upload all the different tests and, once you locate yours , take note of the number it appears on the screen  ( time) to locate it,  in a very easy way, whenever you want to listen to again.

 ¡Hola chicos! Estamos en el tramo final del proyecto juguetes.Como  estamos en un largo fin de semana tal vez podamos sacar unos minutillos para escuchar y practicar nuestra parte La próxima  semana lo finalizaremos con vuestras presentaciones. Si, si esas del papelito que algunos no saben donde lo meten y nos hemos vuelto medio locos en la búsqueda y captura!.  Para localizar vuestra parte es necesario fijarse en un numerito ...

Preparados, listos, yaaaaaaaa!

Our travelling Nativity.

This year our Nativity Scene is linked to Tagore's bengali culture, as a contribution to our international projects. All the different classes have participated in this annual project, guided and coordinated by Paloma, from the Religion area. I want to express my gratitude to friends from Bangladesh and India for their valuable help and orientation.

Christmas to foster cultures

This year we are expanding our Christmas activities. Apart from our participation in the school ChristmasCard  Contest, we are working on collaborative  digital Xmas cards with greek students . We have found some difficulties. We have tried on the Smart board with the pen but we didn't get any result. Finally, we have drawing with the mouse that was difficult to control.  We will try again next week.

Este año estamos dando una nueva dimensión a nuestras actividades navideñas. Además de participar en el tradicional concurso de tarjetas navideñas de nuestro colegio, estamos iniciándonos en crear  tarjetas digitales colaborativas con estudiantes griegos.Nuestros intentos de dibujar con el lápiz sobre la pizarra Smart no nos han funcionado. Por esta razón, iniciamos la aventura dibujando con el ratón, al que nos resultaba difícil de  controlar.
Tal vez, si practicamos este fin de semana un poquito consigamos hace unas tarjetas con lindos motivos navideños. ¡Nos salen tan estupendamente con nuestras pinturas a mano  que esperamos que igualmente nos salgan con el ordenador!

Christmas storytelling.

It's Christmas and the little Mouse is looking forward to opening the presents around the tree. But what about the Big Hungry Bear who lives on top of the hill? The little Mouse's brave and generous spirit reminds us that Christmas is for everyone, not just ourselves. - See more at:

It's Christmas and the little Mouse is looking forward to opening the presents around the tree. But what about the Big Hungry Bear who lives on top of the hill? The little Mouse's brave and generous spirit reminds us that Christmas is for everyone, not just ourselves. - See more at:
It's Christmas and the little Mouse is looking forward to opening the presents around the tree. But what about the Big Hungry Bear who lives on top of the hill? The little Mouse's brave and generous spirit reminds us that Christmas is for everyone, not just ourselves. - See more at:
It's Christmas and the little Mouse is looking forward to opening the presents around the tree. But what about the Big Hungry Bear who lives on top of the hill? The little Mouse's brave and generous spirit reminds us that Christmas is for everyone, not just ourselves.

Busy Christmas time!

First graders are working hard preparing for Christmas! We have made our Christmas Cards for the school contest and of course rehearsing and preparing our costumes for the Festival. 
Kids, don't forget to bring a hanger "percha" to hang up the costume on our original  "costume corner"

Welcome December

The last month of the year is going to be very busy.Traditionally,  Christmas has been the season of spending time with the family. It's a great opportunity for bonding with our family.
For all that, our new unit " The Family" will be very suitable those days.

Zwarte Pieten!

Kids, today by chance I met Zwarte Pieten and I let him know how well you are working. Then we had an stroopwafel, similar to the ones I will bring to you instead of tulips. You must know that Santa Klaus, Sinterklaas, Olentzero, The Three Wise Men are friends and they share information. For that reason networking is really important nowadays.

Increíble pero cierto el encuentro con Zwarte Pieten, el personaje que acompaña a Sinterklaas, y toma nota de lo bueno y malo que hacen los niños. A los que se portan bien les pone regalos en los zapatos y a los que se portan mal... ya os lo contaré en otra ocasión. He informado positivamente y nos hemos sacado una foto en el puesto de los stroopwafels (unas galletas deliciosas).

Visiting VIP people

In the Netherlands, for most children the most important day during December is the 5th, when Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas) brings them their presents. The name Santa Claus comes from the name Sinterklaas. Children leave clogs or shoes out, by the fireplace and Sinterklaas songs.I have told him that you are fan of the Three Wise Men and for you the big day is 6th January

Según la tradición, Sinterklaas (en español San Nicolás) viene de España y llega a los Países Bajos en un barco de vapor, con un caballo blanco y un ayudante de raza negra: Zwarte Pieten, que lleva control de las cosas buenas y malas que han hecho los niños. El 5 de diciembre, los niños holandeses dejan sus zuecos o zapatos al lado de la chimenea y cantan canciones. Sinterklaas llegará por la noche con los regalos.