Time /History

We have just started the last unit and one of the most interesting , Time and History
This unit is going to be great because, despite knowing a lot about it, we are very excited to investigate, research, explore, experience and learn much more.
History is everything that happened in the past. Learning from the past we can understand why things happen today.
To learn about history we can use historical sources. These sources can be:
- Material: coins, jewellery, ruins, clothes...
- Graphic: paintings, mosaics, drawings...
- Written: letters, birth certificates, telegrams...
- Oral: songs, stories, poems, sayings...

When learning about history, it is important to use measurements of time to organize our information:
A year is made up of 12 months.
A decade is made up of 10 years.
A century is made up of 100 years.
A millennium is made up of 1000 years.