Jeremy draws a monster

The monster
¡Qué bien lo hemos pasado con Rakesh en la biblioteca! Yo he sentido  un poco de miedo cuando  el monstruo regresó a casa por la noche y quiso la cama de Jeremy ¡qué mal educado!  ya sabéis , en inglés, How rude!! ¿Os ha gustado el final? ¿Qué hubieras hecho tú con este monstruo tan egoísta?


Book Summary:
Jeremy never leaves his third floor apartment - ever. One day he decides to draw a monster, and the monster comes alive. Instead of being the companion Jeremy was probably hoping for, the monster turns out to be a demanding and dictatorial creature. Jeremy can't keep up with his demands; "Draw me sandwich! I am hungry!" the monster says. "Draw me a toaster, I like toast!", and the monster doesn't say thank you. Finally, Jeremy draws him a bus ticket and sends the monster packing. While bidding adieu to the monster at the bus stop, a group of children invite Jeremy to stay outside and play ball, and he does. 
The story, while just a very engaging and funny read, is also a good example for young children learning the respectful and civil way of behaving in the larger world.